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What is the automatic pager

What is the automatic pager
What is the automatic pager
What is the automatic pager
TIME : 2020-08-07

What is the automatic pager

Page matching machine, as the name implies, is the paper with different page Numbers together. According to the different paper style can be divided into book and sheet - fed with the page machine. Book card with the page machine according to the different ways of paper, and can be divided into swing arm with the page machine and wheel with the page machine, the general binding and riding the book with the dragon is more than this with the page machine; Sheet-fed paging machine can be divided into four and eight paging machine according to the size, according to the paper thickness can be divided into note paper paging machine and ordinary paper paging machine. In addition to the above, there is also a kind of continuous paper pager for the bill industry.

Automatic high speed pager structure features:

Automatic detection of more or less posts, automatic elimination without stop.

The bearing adopts embedded mounting, integrates with the frame, and has low vibration.

The electrical system is controlled by PLC, running stably and reliably.

Main motor frequency conversion speed adjustment, stepless speed change, easy to operate.

Single type rotary wheel, easy to repair and dismantle.

Double diameter cylinder type, fast speed, high stability.

The classification and operation flow of the pager

A pager, as the name suggests, is a paper where different pages come together. In addition, according to the different classification, can be divided into different pager.

According to the paper can be divided into different styles of signature and sheet-fed page binding machine. Signature sorting machine according to the different ways of paper, can be divided into swing arm and the wheel page with page machine, with a general binding force and riding dragons bring much, this is sorting machine, according to the page format of the single chip, can be divided into four open eight sorting machine, according to the thickness of the paper can be roughly divided into the page with comments and plain paper finishing machine in the paper. In addition to the above, there is a continuous bank note specific to the page machine.

Along with the pages that include books, signatures and come with two core processes.

The process of forming a signature of a given thickness by processing leaflets, double sheets and zero pages or blades arranged according to the layout and page order, connected together with rods, sleeves, or inserts.

With a book block, also known as collation, folding and pasting insert the signature to complete the page number of a book along the line.

There are two groups of methods with post method and collation method.

Using the POST method is a great way to layer quotes together based on the per-page order of signatures, because the core of the book hits the alignment method by referring to several set signatures of the order page and the layout arrangement, quoting the quotes outside or inside of another set of signatures, and having only a single quotation mark form the core of the spine method.

As the multi-page process is completed using the paging machine. When errors and quotations occur as a precaution, after printing the ridges of the paper are folded. With the position of the book block after the formation of a ladder shaped sign of the spine, known as the signature, easy to check and quote quality.

By collating methods, and pages are divided into sets, post methods and method pager positions.

The reference page act is applicable to the quotation page and the mechanical method of the page matching machine. The signature is placed in the sequential storage page hopper stage. When machine running, sputum suction machine suction signature of a page, and down at the bottom of the barrel of a point of view, down to the bottom of the page with the page diao diao device signature of the stack will refer to this book, and put the belt through the panel page, mobile conveyor belt clip after clamping with signature will be taken away, complete a book, and by post way to set up remote location from right quotation marks.

Quotation method to set up a collator is to give another set of signatures, using wire when the horse into the binding sequence method, so the legal setting of the position collator is generally used as a saddle binding machine to interact in a unit, rather than being used as a separate paging machine.

During the collation process, if multiple posts are found, when the page fault detection device sends a signal to the signature of the litter-thrower less posts, the scrap page or entire page will be thrown automatically to stop. When random page signature transmission phenomenon, transmission pipeline congestion, control device is also any page automatically appear on the page part of the page and chaotic signal stops the machine.

With the page machine adjustment machine production

(1) Page feeding and page matching machine and pliers finishing machine. One - in - one machine is a pliers pager, two - and three-roller pager. According to the signature and page sizing rules.

(2) Production subpoena, command control deployment binding signatures will be placed in each reservoir of the post arrangement machine station, shaking signatures should be put together, cannot exceed the height of the baffle, in the corresponding page of the other empty library table closed 500 positions in the appropriate signature standby. With the management page page members set each responsible for ≤3 positions, the signature from the machine must be equipped with ≤2 meters.

(3) Carefully check the journey of the machine and confirm that the machine does not need to be complicated. After the inching operation is normal, only the foreign body should be first observed in the trial operation of the web page.

(4) The thickness detected after the first signature, low speed post three pairs are still signing the check and correct books and sampling inspection voucher batch processing.

(5) Chuva hung the page table, and represents the standard job page revision reference.

(6) Keep the cleaning equipment book attached to the contact surface, for each different product, replace the large size and reduce the size of the product, especially when you want to go to the panel, contact with the signature clean under the signature path, in order to avoid pasting dirty books.

(7) When the roll belt page signature is blocked, the position belt published in the book should be pulled forward only, not pulled aside, so as not to damage the belt. Waste discharge, transfer operation requires a steering machine, vibration conveyor:

(1) Excluding signature, classification and organization, timely and neatly stacked.

(2) If there is oil, the torn pages are deleted immediately.

(3) Adjust and check the trip of the book binding machine core components, to ensure that the core of the book neatly go back together without deformation, no scratches, no joints.

(4) Abnormal stop distribution shall be checked by book block.

In addition, the operation and maintenance of equipment is very important, good maintenance of equipment, not only can improve work efficiency, but also the continuation of life, thereby reducing unnecessary costs.


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